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The purpose of this tool is to gather the best twink items for the 20s bracket.
This is by no means a definite BiS guide
Here you can find various dungeon drops, rare mob drops, quest rewards and craftable items.
Legion and BFA green BoEs and non-existent items like Destiny, Jackhammer or Edward will not be included.

This is not a F2P only resource. While most of the items shown here are available to F2P players
some of them require a higher level character to obtain for level 20.


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14 Jan 2022

31 Dec 2021 (Builds)

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6 Nov 2021 (Drustvar & Nazmir + a few others)

25 Oct 2021 (Fixes)

24 Oct 2021 (New items)

16 Oct 2021 (New items)

9 Oct 2021 (WoD daily rares)

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26 Sept 2021

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